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Shane Cooley & the Midnight Girls are Shane's live band - the Texas gunpowder behind his Virginia-tinged tunes.  The band performs

semi-annually throughout Texas, and occasionally accompanies Shane on his travels.

The band is based out of the Live Music Capital of the World - Austin, TX. Bassist Wayne Dalchau and drummer Abraham Van Vleck are all natural born Texans, and also work in film and the Austin festival scene. They have toured across the United States, performing at respected venues and festivals. They are best-known for Cooley’s annual red-eye set, closing Utopiafest (TX) from 4am ‘til sunrise for die-hard festival-goers.


SC&TMG are currently finishing up their first full-length album as a band (release date TBA), recorded at Aransas Music Emporium in Aransas Pass, TX. The album was recorded old school, with the band tracking live in one room.

Wayne Dalchau by Bob Blakley.jpg
Abraham Van Vleck by Bob  Blakley.jpg

Wayne Dalchau - Bass

Abraham Van Vleck - Drums


Photo credits: Bob Blakley (band members), Lion RK (Songwriters Across Texas)

photo by Erica Chambers Lori.jpg

When touring together and on song collaborations, Lori provides backing vocals and tambourine.

Photo by Erica chambers.


Shane's father, Jack Cooley, was the spark that ignited Shane's passion for music. Jack still performs with Shane for duo shows in Virginia!

Photo by Larry Ferdinande.

When performing and whenever possible, Shane loves playing with his band or as a duo. 



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