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New Article on Quality Americana Ezine!
Here's a great new article on my Jimmy Buffett tribute. Fins up! Read article.

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Out of all of my influences, Jimmy Buffett is the number one reason why I write songs. When my dad introduced me to guitar, I found out quickly that most Buffett songs are only a few chords. I learned as many of his songs as I could, and through that I began to hone in on my own craft as a songwriter. His storytelling and lyrical brilliance showed me that songs are truly supernatural creations, with the ability to transport you to distant places and times through a wide range of emotions.

On my recent duo tour with Lori Ellen Music , we listened to a lot of Jimmy’s music on the road. While visiting #bombaybeach , California on a blistering day, we filmed this cover of “A Pirate Looks at Forty” - a song I’ve known the lyrics to since I was three feet tall. Video on my Facebook page. View on YouTube. 

Mr. Buffett, though I never had a chance to meet you, I have always loved you like family. I have know doubt that heaven has one particular harbor reserved for you.

Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers Parrot Heads #jimmybuffett #parrotheads #piratelooksatforty

9/2/23: My soul is heavy from the passing of Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy’s music and spirit are as much a part of my daily existence as my morning coffee. His songs are some of my first memories of experiencing music. My first concert was a Jimmy Buffett show. My parents and I showed up ticketless on our way back from vacation, and with a little Parrot Head magic, I wound up in the front row. I still remember him smiling at me from stage during on of my favorites, “Volcano.”

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